Trekking In the Hindukush

Chitral has a larger variety of medium-range treks to choose from than any other part of Pakistan including Gilgit and Baltistan.

These treks go over mountain passes connecting the numerous valleys inside the large district of Chitral. Some of them also connect with the Ghizer and Ishkoman valleys of GB. These valleys are home to a very friendly and hospitable population; who not only receive visitors happily but also share their meager resources open-heartedly.

The trekking season starts as early as mid-March, for passes below 8000ft; continuing as late as September and possibly October, for passes above 14000ft. None of these treks pose any technical difficulty and can be endured by those with some outdoor exposure; with average fitness and stamina.

The trekking terrain mostly has a combination of the moraine, scree slopes, rocky portions, and some snow, whenever glacier crossings are involved. Overnight camps are mostly close to natural springs and glacial streams high above human habitation.

The average walking time each day will be from 4 to 6 hours, except when a high pass must be traversed; this could increase the walking time on that particular day.

The trekking areas are very safe and no extra security measures need to be taken unless it is a particular requirement of the visitor.

On any trek Hindukush Heights has the ability and resources to provide the following at short notice:

• 4WD vehicles to end of the road and to receive you at the end of the trek.
• A variety of tents to choose from, including toilet tents (with a foldable western loo) and a kitchen tent if required.
• A Guide.
• A Cook. For hot meals three times a day from a camp kitchen
• Porters. Guests only need to carry a small knapsack for water bottles, cameras, and knick-knacks.
• Foldable furniture for meals.
• Camp cutlery and crockery.
• Medical kit.
• Satellite telephone with solar charger.
• Planning and permissions.

Kalash Valley

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