Originally envisioned as a convenient disembarkation point for passengers using the Hindukush Express to Chitral; the Sarai was expanded into a comfortable eight-bed motel complete with ensuite bathrooms, and a restaurant with a view of the mighty Tirich Mir (7660m).

The Hindukush Sarai is powered by its own Solar PV Panels and does not suffer from the regular electricity outages seen in most parts of Chitral. The Sarai also boasts a fresh spring water source which is backed up by its own wells and directly connected to the aquifer from where it can source water all year round. It is favorably located in Chitral Cantonment, opposite the Chitral Scout’s Military Hospital.

Owned by Hindukush Heights, the Sarai maintains the high standards of its parent company; always offering affordability, comfort, and convenience to weary travellers.

A discount of 10% on room rates is available to all passengers of the Hindukush Express.

Hindukush Sarai Room

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