Sustainable hotels are designed to respect the
environment and the area where they are

Hindukush Heights is precisely that; a family-run hotel that has focused on the uplift of the local community and its surroundings by taking active measures toward social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Built by a local workforce over a 5 year period, primarily using materials sourced in Chitral; those self-same local workers were then given the opportunity to be retrained as service staff at the hotel. The emotional bond of these local Chitralis with Hindukush Heights has been the foundation upon which our success is based.

Top Rated | Luxury | Family Run Hotel
Hindukush Heights has its own dedicated Run of River Hydro-Electric plant, powered by the Chitral River which provides zero-emission
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The water supply to the hotel is directly sourced from a natural spring and certified by the World Health Organization for its
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The fruits and vegetables used in our diverse dining menu sourced from the hotel’s own organic garden. Our
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